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State of Tennessee High School XC and Track

Run-Down Running Portal

Track and Field News

USA Track & Field

Tennessee State Records for Men's Track
Tennessee State Records for Ladies Track

2001 State Results for Men in Division II
2001 State Results for Ladies in Division II

All-time Records For All Events


Running With Coach Ted

Advantage Athletics: Running, Sprints, and Hurdles Training for the Sprint Events

Everything about the 800 meter race

Sydney Athletics- Training for the 400/800/1500 Meter race

The Hurdle's Page

The Hurdler's Domain

Hurdling: Tricks of the Trade

100 & 200 Meter Sprinting Tips

The 800 Meter Homepage

Track Coach Articles

Jumpers  (Triple and Long jumpers: read the articles on increasing vertical jump too)

Triple Jump Site

Advantage Athletics: Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump

Vertical Leap Exercises

Increasing Vertical Jump

Increasing Vertical Jump #2

Plyometrics and Jumping

Ragge's Longjump

Kangaroo's Triple Jump Site

The Triple Jump

The Ultimate Leap Page

The High Jump- Teaching Principles


Happy Throwers Society

Advantage Athletics: Throws

Shot and Disc Page

The Thrower's Page

Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment

Rachel's Women Thrower's Page

Norm's Throws Page

How to Throw Far Homepage

Ringmasters 2000

Canadian Throw Site

Mental Training-

Exercise Physiology

Sport and Exercise Psychology


2002 MUS Jamboree Results

2002 Regional Results

Other High Schools-

Houston High School


Cordova High School

MUS High School

Huge List of other High Schools